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“…in God’s Flower Garden” is a sensitive and uncompromising short story set that explores questions about the nature of God and the capacity of human love, relationships, and morality. In the novella “God’s Tears” a young monk determines to find out why his fellow monk and lifelong friend leaves the order. In other tales, a guardian angel suffers when torn between duty and his gradually developing feelings for the vulnerable, young woman he is supposed to protect; a priest confronts a jealous, young musician; a Polish girl pines for her lover at Christmas; and a mother grieves in solitude for her son following September 11th.
“The flowers are there in all their well observed, metamorphosizing details, and so is God. Dixon is a rare author who leads us to the transcendent through an artist’s sensibility to original detail. This book is a sacred music of life made audible to all. Rather than reach for effect, it is rooted in well drawn characters and gripping situations. You will enjoy every one of these stories and come away with a new aspect of your self revealed.”
Susan P. Reimer Torn
…a beautiful book. Through a series of short stories, the author leads us to a new understanding of the meaning and mystery of life. We explore spirituality, mystery, and love in many forms, as well as sadness, pain, and fear. The author’s compassionate understanding of the variety of human experiences is a wonderful gift for any reader.”
Lise Liepmann
The book offers a voice that struck me as being gracefully poetic – and unsparingly God-centered – without being artsy or inauthentic. I thought of Flannery O’Connor and JF Powers while I read the opening story. When I finished the first story, I thought of Tennessee Williams. Mentioning writers of such caliber is merely the shortcut way of saying this author delivers the goods and does it gracefully.Dixon writes with a Chekovian undertone of melancholia and an Eliotic interest in ideas. I agree with a number of reviewers that music itself is like a character actor floating throughout. […] Impressive debut.”
Stephen Deasy
I have enjoyed immensley reading “…in God’s Flower Garden”. Mr. Dixon is a fine story teller. The locations are vividly described. The characters are well observed, and so skillfully entwined with the plots that with each story, I felt strongly compelled to find out what was to become of them. A few of the stories are chilling and haunting; most are wonderfully uplifting. More than a good read with page-turning stories, there is also a spritual element in these stories that is truly heartening.
Linda Crawley Segal

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