The Elsewhere Ensemble

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The Elsewhere Ensemble is an eclectic group of artists coming from different cultures, different generations and disciplines. Unlike most ensembles it is not defined by its form – it is neither a music group nor a theater group, neither a string quartet nor an acting company (but it can be any one, or any combination of these) – it is defined by the desire to find a way of working together so that the whole is somehow greater than each part… the belief that art should be born out of the ties which bring us closer together, reminding us of our humanity.  With the continued hope that “classical” music and “theater” are not for an elite but a human necessity.

"I Have a Dream" Chateau de Machy, France with Mariam Tamari

“I Have a Dream” Chateau de Machy, France

In a culture where film, recorded music, and screen images have taken center stage, we sometimes lose touch with the unequivocal need for direct human communication. A baby that is not touched physically or spoken to dies. What happens to someone who only receives artistic communication through speakers or a screen? Despite the extraordinary work that is communicated to us through these media, the need for human beings to communicate directly is more important than ever. Often musicians try to compete with recordings, and theater tries to compete with film. We have forgotten that we have a unique mission which is not based on electronic, seamless perfection, but rather on our raw, explosive, vulnerable, personalized humanity.  The language of “classical music” and the language of “theater” have become difficult for much of the world. It is our job, as artists, to bring these forms alive and to awaken audiences to the uniqueness of these languages. The Elsewhere Ensemble hopes to tap into that “elsewhere” from which we all come from – seeking a balance between heart, the mind, and  soul.

The group was officially created in France by Colin Pip Dixon in the Summer of 2012 with the concerts “Invocation“, “Un Tour du Monde en Musique” and participating in the show “Prélude à l’Anastasis“, but the Ensemble has been developing over many years. It was created, in part, because many projects didn’t seem to fit completely into one set form. But mainly it was born out of long term collaborative work and relationships with artists looking for another way of working togehter, an “elsewhere” where love was put back at the center of all creating and where human relationships – that of the artists between themselves, and the artists with their audience – were considered the starting point for all creative work.

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