List of compositions

✴ Underground, a new musical – (in progress 2015) – writing music, lyrics and book for a musical based on Alexandra Devon’s play adapted from Dostoyevsky’s Notes from Underground. Four songs recorded at John Kilgore Sound (nyc) with Vocals: Lewis Cleale & Addi McDaniel Piano: Robert Felstein

The Happy Prince for Narrator and Piano Quartet – Performed by the Elsewhere Ensemble at the National Opera Center, NYC June 2015

Trio for Violin,Viola, and Piano – in two movements. Performed at the Chateau de Machy Festival in France 2012, and as part of the show Quand les Poilus étaient Poètes with Théâtre de l’Arc-en-Ciel July 2014. Performed at the Staller Center, Stony Brook University January 2013

His Majesty, the Devil a play with music  by Alexandra Devon inspired by Dostoyevsky. Music for violin & viola. Performed at 59E59 Theaters New York City and at Venue 40 in the Edinburgh Fringe Festival 2013, and The New York International Fringe Festival at the Robert Moss Theater in August 2014.

✴ I Have a Dream – for soprano and string trio. Setting of Martin Luther King’s “I have a Dream”. Commissioned by the Théâtre de l’Arc en Ciel for the production with the Danse Company Hallet Eghayan of Prélude à l’Anastasis 2012, and at the Théâtre de l’Epée de Bois, Paris in December 2014

✴ Invocation – for soprano, violin & viola. A gathering of prayers, poems & writings coming from different religions, cultures and beliefs around the question of peace and violence. Performed at the Chateau de Machy Festival in France 2012

The Velveteen Rabbit – for chamber orchestra & narrator, based on the story by Marjory Williams

Poems – for string quartet and narrator based on E.E. Cummings, Kathleen Spivack, etc. Performed by the Dovetail String Quartet on the Saga Pearl II Cruise.

The Laugh – for viola and piano. Music for the play by Alexandra Devon based on Camus’ “La Chute”. Performed in staged reading in New York at the Church of the Transfiguration 2011

The Bells, Sonata for violin & piano  Performed October and November 2010 by the composer and pianists Ivy Adrian & Robert Thompson in New York, Boston, Grenoble, & Lyon (France)

If There Are Any Heavens a bouquet of poems for violin, viola & narrator. Performed at Stony Brook University, New York in 2012, in New York at All Angels’ Church (Oct. 2010) and Church of the Transfiguration (2011) and Shakespeare & Co. Books in Paris

ChekhovTriptych–Three Chekhov stories in concert, for violin, viola & narrator. Performed in Paris, New York and Boston (Boston Center for the Arts Claderwood Pavilion)

The Velveteen Rabbit – for violin, viola & narrator. Performed in Parisian schools & Goodenough College, London

La Première Seconde – for solo violin and two accompanying violins. Performed at L’Espace Kiron, Paris)

Offering – for violin & piano. Performed in New York All Angels’ Church 2007 & 2010

Les Tolstoi – journal intime – for 2–5 vlns, vln & piano, vln & tape for the play by Alexandra Devon (performed in Paris, Lyon, Brussels, etc)

The Happy Prince – for two violins & narrator based on the story by Oscar Wilde. Performed in New York (Tenri Cultural Institute) & Paris (Trianon Theater)

Circus Caprice – for solo violin for the circus show “Dancing Color Box”. Performed in Paris (Festival de l’Oh) and Turin, Italy

Suite Khamush – for soprano, baritone, violin & cello based on the poems of Rumi (13th c. Persian poet) co-composed with Eveline Causse. Performed in Paris and throughout France. Invited to Iran.

Sonata for two violins – in 4 movements (4th movement incomplete)

Etty Hillesum – for violin & cello, violin & diatonic accordion for the theatre piece “Etty Hillesum” co-composed with Eveline Causse. Performed throughout France (Avignon Festival, Paris, Lyon, etc), Brussels, Montreal, Quebec City, Geneva

La Tache – for solo violin, multiple violins, electronically altered violins for film by Andrew Blackwell

The Tolstoy Diaries – for solo violin. Music for the play by Alexandra Devon Music published in the French edition of the play by L’Edition Entretemps. Performed at the Sarasoata Studio Theater festival in Florida.

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